Seamstress (at) WickedCosplay (dot) Com

Costume Inquiries
As many know Kaori no longer accept costume commissions. However if you would like advice regarding your own projects or need referrals to costume crafters she would be more than happy to direct you! Also, if your particular project IS unusual and interesting one of us may be interested in taking up the challenge, so long as our own costumes, personal affairs, and stars align. Please do not hesitate to chat us up!

Modeling Inquiries
If you are viewing this site from Kaori’s ModelMayhem redirect then you also know she is retired. After 10 years of creating wonderful art and meeting such talented people she is now reserving all modeling energy toward conventions and cosplay. If, again, you have an interesting concept (rather than meeting us at a convention) that is high fashion, editorial, commercial, et cetera, please send us details. Kaori is extremely selective as her time is very tight and it is likely that 99% of these interesting concepts will be declined, but she is still more than happy to look at them. Thanks for understanding!
If you’re interested in asking one of the other Wicked Cosplayers to model for you, by all means please drop an email. They might be interested.

Other Inquiries
If you have any other questions, comments, or requests regarding conventions or where else to find us and any other projects we have, please refer to the page-top and title your emails appropriately. One of us WILL reply so please be sure your email is current!

Contact Other Members
If you wish to contact any of the other Wicked Cosplayers, use the email above and title your email thusly.