BlizzCon 2010

This year was another strange year for me since I wasn’t cosplaying again and had no excuse other than I just didn’t have the time for it. Additionally my sponsorship ended up falling through (which I was quite sad about) so I didn’t have the funds to build the Vashj costume I wanted to on top of having recently moved, price of tickets, and hotel costs. Nonetheless I got my vicarious fill of cosplay while I was there, though I have to admit I wasn’t nearly as interested as I have been in previous years.

Day 1

I kept myself busy with panels and Q&A and some tournaments. The costume contest was great since there were so many of my new “coworkers” participating. In fact, the very deserving Christina won! Her costume was a Diablo Monk fashioned out of almost entirely leather. I was so happy for her. The Apotheosis girls were working the TCG booth so only a couple of them got away for the contest, Christina being one of them. She was a great help in learning the TCG when I first started, especially when it came to the more complicated rules. She really knows her stuff.

I didn’t get to see them otherwise until the next.

Day 2

I managed to congratulate Christina first thing in the morning when we arrived. Aside from that we hung around for a little bit, looked at the store, and quickly grew bored. So we went to Korean BBQ.

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