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                                        Welcome to Wicked Cosplay!                               

Greetings cosplay enthusiasts! This is Wicked Cosplay, a collection of photos featuring costumes we’ve worn and conventions we have attended. Here you will find sewing and other cosplay tips, tutorials, updates, the occasional sale, game and anime costume design analysis, … Continue reading

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        GenCon 2011

Another great year at GenCon, IN as a demo model for Cryptozoic’s World of Warcraft TCG. I got to see tons of cosplay, tabletop game accessories, and even got to get myself some fun gifts from the many vendors that … Continue reading

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        Anime Expo 2011 Costume List

Day 1 – Friday 1st {12:30pm} Sailor Moon Gathering (Outside West Hall) Nega Tuxedo Mask (Sapphire) Sailor Venus (Tiffany) Queen Nehelenia (Rini) Wiseman (Raven) {12:00pm} Pokemon (LACCSite #1) Madam Boss (Rini) Grunts Raven Sapphire Violet Tiffany Anne Day 2 – … Continue reading

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        BlizzCon 2010

This year was another strange year for me since I wasn’t cosplaying again and had no excuse other than I just didn’t have the time for it. Additionally my sponsorship ended up falling through (which I was quite sad about) … Continue reading

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        GenCon 2010

First year at GenCon Indy!! I was so stoked to be here and more awesomely, working the Cryptozoic WoW TCG booth. There’s nothing like an awesome convention to get you thinking about World of Warcraft cosplay! I really didn’t cosplay … Continue reading

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