Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011 was full of fun and chaos! Did you see us? Maybe we saw you! Read up on our highlights and make sure to check out the Convention Gallery.

Day 1

…was a little surprising since the Pokemon gathering was officially confirmed for July 1st instead of the 2nd. There was a decent amount of villains at the Sailor Moon gathering–at least one representing each season. There were also almost two of each scout as well as different versions of bridal, princess, and queen Serenity. Nepherenia had a photo shoot prior to the gathering with the talented Vince. After the Sailor Moon gathering Madam and her agents made their way back to con!

Surprisingly, there was much more Madam-recognition this year which is always a fun thing. 😉 Madam finally met an orange suit Giovanni who was accompanied with an adorable 009. They worked great together, in full character posing as well. The Pokemon gathering was massive, being dominated by creative Poke-jin than trainers. Team Rocket made a decent presence in villain characters with a collaborative group of rivaling Magma to boot. When we made our separate ways it was back to the machine for the FMA gathering costumes. Sapphire has provided his review of the AMVs since site admins were not able to attend.

It was overall a great year for AMV’s, Drama as this year had two exceptional AMV’s “Dare to love again” and “Mahou Shoujo Requiem”. Action was a rather hit or miss, for some reason this year the action category was filled with massive quick cuts, no real epic slow speed action scenes. My favorites in this category were “Sword & Scabbard” and “From the Hereafter with Love”. Now normally the AMV contest is a PG-13 event, well as of next year, that rule will no longer apply; this has come about because of the Comedy category.

As usual the comedy category is one of the highlights of the AMV contest aside from Action, and this year was no let down. For the gamers, there were two AMV’s that had themes of Dungeons and Dragons, but I’d have to say the favorite and reason for the R rating of next year is to the AMV “Anime Nations of the world”. Now of course the Comedy category wouldn’t be complete without taking a jab at a pairing, and this year they brought back the L and Light pairing in the funny yet at some parts disturbing “Death Romance”.

AMV Pro is an odd category, the idea is a professional style of AMV that you’d see on TV. This particular category is hard to judge with the fact that it’s a very vague and has a wide variety of AMV’s in it. My favorites from this category were “Petropolis”, “NERV’s glee club: you can (not) dance”, and “Flash”. This year we saw the birth of a possible new category of next year’s AX AMV contest: Fun/OVA. Now this category is another rough one to figure out. “Lawl & Order – Legal Tender”, “Phoenix Wright, Anime Attorney”, and “Trauma Center 2: Under The Anime” were game based; as if you were playing a video game, while “Heaven’s Driller” was more of a movie trailer. “Make It Rock” and “Mashup Gatari” were more of your average AMV.

My only qualm with the AMV’s this year was location, in ’09 they were held in the West Hall (Large, lots of space, multiple screens) in ’10 they were held in the Nokia theater ( Absolutely amazing, comfortable seating, multiple screens). This year the AMV’s where held in the Concourse hall; having it held in this particular location reminded me of when Anime Expo was held in Anaheim. There was just one thing that I wasn’t that large of a fan of, there was only one Screen. The sound system was still great, but I just wish we were in the Nokia Theater; which a lot of people thought they were going to be held this year. Aside from the location change, the AMV’s were a great Main Event to attend.

Day 2

…got off to a late start, but it was worth it. We had some final touches to do to costumes before moving on to the Full Metal Alchemist gathering, which had a spectacular turnout!

I, Raven, had the extreme pleasure of dressing up as Dante in the ball gown that Kaori was kind enough to put together for me. Kaori, once more, joined the gathering as the elegant Lust. Kami from came along as a beautiful Sloth. And Anne, from (BadDog Reviews) was our spunky, easily enraged, Wrath.

Other familiar faces showed up to the gathering as well. There was only one Hoenheim! Which was great for photo-ops as there was only one Trish, and one Dante, and ‘we’ decided to fight over him. Which honestly means at the end of their pose, Dante rushed in, grabbed Hohenheim’s arm and attempted to drag him away.

The homunculii were in smaller numbers then the previous years, only one or two Sloth’s having made it in. Plenty of Lusts, as she tends to be the fan favorite. Same can be said for Envy (which I was sad that our usual one couldn’t attend the gathering in costume this year, as he’s fabulous.) There were a few Greeds, one female take that I found particularly well done, she really captured the characters energy. There was also one Pride/Furher that was present, that even came with a beautiful looking sword and he got some great combat poses against others.

And while I can’t break down every single photo op that happened through the day, nor can I do justice to all the fantastic cosplays I saw at the gathering, I can say that the gathering was fantastic, and that soon we will have tons of pictures to put up so we can really show everyone off. I can’t wait to do this gathering again next year, and I can only hope that the turnout is just as good.

Day 3

Today Wicked Lady made her debut around the con with Asuka and friends in tow. We managed to catch part of the Last Air Bender gathering as well as the Hanna gathering. We met up with the a very lovely and expressive Sailor Moon and make-shifted a mini shoot with her!

Once I decided my ribs couldn’t tolerate the restraint any more we frolicked home to adorn Rockets and Hanna garb. Madam had red eyes today since they were the only contacts out of the three pairs I bought that didn’t make me want to gouge my own eyes out in pain, so Madam rocked the bloodshot look. We ran into some rockets (who didn’t know who Madam Boss was–tisk) who happened to also play Team Magma the day of the Pokemon gathering. They were a pretty awesome group of cosplayers, even if they didn’t recognize the founding mother of their organization. ~_^ Much love to them.

Madam was a bit ornery that day, taking complete possession of Lamont and storming the halls with the crew to find the masquerade theater room. While site admins did not attend the masquerade, we will be receiving a review from friends, I’m sure, any time!

Our excuse for not attending… we went to The Waffle in LA instead. ^-^ Tiff and I shared a shot and a shake and I had delicious red velvet waffles. Word to the wise: go REALLY hungry or share with a friend. Them waffles be stacked.

Day 4

…was dedicated all to Dokuro and shopping! Naturally hentai booths were our first stop where we all got our fill of fantastically filthy fandom. Cosplay, as expected, was sparse the last day, but there were still some wonderful photo opportunities with some great cosplayers.

After wandering the dealer’s hall for a couple hours, admiring all the spectacular inventory for the first time of the entire convention, we took a short rest while our Dokuro ran off to enter herself in raffles and frolic the artist alley again. Once rested we took to the stairs for a fun photoshoot of Babel, Dokuro, and Sabbat with a bunch of fun dynamic angles and poses, but not before running dramatically into another Dokuro and Sabbat duo! It was a very easy day, work and cosplay wise.

Sabbat was by far my most comfortable costume of the whole convention adorn with the most comfortable loafers and a light and airy silk skirt. The only woe was the heat matched with the fitted bow-tie and lined school jacket. Poor Babel was probably the hottest out of us all with the full length kimono accented with satin and anything but breathable dress fabric. Dokuro was all cotton and a light weight silky solid which made her costume very flexible and cool.

While these costumes were all taken AT Anime Expo, we decided it was probably a better idea to keep them all in their project album for easiest viewing access. As always, the days of Anime Expo is not noted in the folder but are all there and all ready for view. Enjoy!

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