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Greetings cosplay enthusiasts! This is Wicked Cosplay, a collection of photos featuring costumes we’ve worn and conventions we have attended. Here you will find sewing and other cosplay tips, tutorials, updates, the occasional sale, game and anime costume design analysis, and other geeky goodies. What started as a creative outlet for one has grown into a small group of dedicated geeks: our common interest being the love of creating and portraying favored characters. Stay for a spell, be entertained, check out what’s new, or take a trip down memory lane. We hope to inspire others to pick up a manga, learn to sew, and express themselves in creative ways.

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What is Kaori and the Wicked Cosplayers up to this year? Check up on our yearly conventions plans, group and individual endeavors, and everything else we’re up to. We also have blog updates on costume/convention progress and tutorials of our latest work.

Upcoming Conventions

Anime LA Jan 2015
Dickens Festival Feb 2015
Wonder Con Mar 28-30, 2014
Anime Expo July 3-6, 2014
Comic Con July 17-20, 2014
Comikaze Expo Oct 31-Nov 2, 2014 **
Pacific Media Expo Nov 7-9, 2014
Comic Con-Long Beach Nov 22-23, 2014

Group Plans

Anime LA – 2015

Cowboy Bebop
Julia – Kaori
Spike – Veer
Jet – Gio
Faye – Kami (maybe)
Ed – “A”

Evangelion – School Uniform
Asuka – Kaori
Shinji – Veer

Soul Eater
Medusa – Kaori
Crona – Veer

WonderCon – 2015



Morrigan – Kaori
Queen Bee – Kami

Anime Expo – 2014

Jessebell – Kaori
Meowth – Vanni
James – Veer
Jessie (Puppeteer) – Kami

Dead or Alive 4
Kasumi – Kaori
Ryu – Veer
Helena – Kami

Sailor Moon
Pupuran – Kaori
Peruru – Jenna (maybe)
Badiyanu – Kami

Comic Con: SD – 2014

Bayonetta – Kaori

Black Cat – Kaori

Repo! Genetic Opera
Blind Mag – Kaori
Nathan – Gio


Pacific Media Expo – 2014

Evangelion – Plugsuit
Asuka – Kaori
Shinji – Veer
Rei – (to be cast)
Mari – (to be cast)
Misato – Raven (maybe)
Pen – Vanni



Comic Con: LB – 2014

Harley Quinn – Kaori
Joker – Veer

Valentine – Kaori


Our galleries are back up!! Members albums are all up to date as well with costume galleries and details. Check them out!

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        GenCon 2011

Another great year at GenCon, IN as a demo model for Cryptozoic’s World of Warcraft TCG. I got to see tons of cosplay, tabletop game accessories, and even got to get myself some fun gifts from the many vendors that are there. Above all, I got to show off my mad skills with the WoW TCG.

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        Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011 was full of fun and chaos! Did you see us? Maybe we saw you! Read up on our highlights and make sure to check out the Convention Gallery.

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        Anime Expo 2011 Costume List

Day 1 – Friday 1st
{12:30pm} Sailor Moon Gathering (Outside West Hall)

  • Nega Tuxedo Mask (Sapphire)
  • Sailor Venus (Tiffany)
  • Queen Nehelenia (Rini)
  • Wiseman (Raven)
  • {12:00pm} Pokemon (LACCSite #1)

  • Madam Boss (Rini)
  • Grunts
          1. Day 2 – Saturday 2nd

            {05:00pm} FMA (LACC Site #1)

          2. Dante (Raven)
          3. Lust (Rini)
          4. Sloth (Tiffany)
          5. Wrath (Anne)
          6. Day 3 – Sunday 3rd

          7. Wicked Lady (Rini)
          8. Wiseman (Raven)
          9. Day 4 – Monday 4th
            Dokuro Chan {WC-cast gathering}

          10. Babel (Tiffany)
          11. Dokuro (Anne)
          12. Sabbat (Rini)
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                    BlizzCon 2010

            This year was another strange year for me since I wasn’t cosplaying again and had no excuse other than I just didn’t have the time for it. Additionally my sponsorship ended up falling through (which I was quite sad about) so I didn’t have the funds to build the Vashj costume I wanted to on top of having recently moved, price of tickets, and hotel costs. Nonetheless I got my vicarious fill of cosplay while I was there, though I have to admit I wasn’t nearly as interested as I have been in previous years.

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